IKA Mid Year online conference

La con férence de mi-année de l'IKA a eu lieu ce dimanche 13 juillet.


Cette conférence est la première du genre (proposition votée lors de la dernière AGM), et est réalisée online (malgré quelques difficultés pour se connecter et interagir par mobile, l'écoute de la conférence est correcte). L'objectif est d'informer les membres de l'IKA sur les dernières décisions et sur les sujets actuels du bureau exécutif.

En voici le compte-rendu (en anglais) :


Dear members,
a first virtual midyear conference has been held on July 13, and the minutes are below.
We will further explore virtual conferencing and offer at least a "listening" option for the next AGM.

Sailing World Cup update

Details are still to be finalized but the event is to be held in the last week of November for top 16 men and 4 women. The men are to be selected from continental champions, top 3 of the worlds, and from the world ranking. For the women it will be mainly the worlds as criteria. We hope to be able to release full details asap, also re prize money and other benefits. More important is the question of the 2015 grand final and the qualification scheme, as well as the 2015 ranking system which is to be published by ISAF. We are requesting and pushing weekly...

Future events update

Update given on the upcoming events and challenges for future events re funding (especially Oceanics) and alternatives.

2015 schedule

2015 South Americans (Uruguay) and North Americans (Bermuda) are in progress, Europeans were to be held in Istanbul but might change to Holland (Texel). Worlds could be held in Egypt as we have a three year contract with the government for major events. A challenge remains Asia and Oceania. The 49er class has shown interest to have joint events which could be a good idea for regions where we cant pull off anything directly

Rider membership in international competitions - esp. PKRA

On our own events checking works, on tour events we need to enforce – for next year all tour operators are to be requested to comply, and we need to send class reps to the major tour events.

Director and Officers liability

For the current association not really necessary anymore as all contracts are made by the new kitesports LTD. We will look into company insurance here

Accounts – Treasurer

To be discussed once we have own accounts – currently done through IWA

German Associaton - Gibraltar LTD

See above – all new business done through LTD, German Association solely remains as "the class" but not as active contract partners

Racing-the future ? (Ranking Systems)

See above – rather less but bigger events, more clarity regarding announcing events. If events cant be confirmed in time they rather should be cancelled.

Racing-2015 registration cycle dates

Proposal to bring registration deadline (and eligibility) 2 months back – that means registration deadline May 1st, publishing registration list July 1st, Eligible September 1st. This suits the manufacturers regarding Chinese new year and brings us closer to the Sailing World Cup cycle (starting after the grand final which is supposed to be held in October from 2015 – so Eligibility date ideally November 1st)

Discussion regarding wind minimums and maximums

Needs submissions to AGM – however new kites perform better

Discussion regarding measurement rules in foil class

Needs submissions to AGM – but agreement that there should be no restrictions for the near future

Submission to amend IKA Formula Kite Championship Rule 2a. Basics - Each sailor must have a kite 15m or bigger and a kite 9m and smaller. Period

Needs submission to AGM

2014 Foil Gold Cup final event alternatives

It is difficult to find a new location on short notice. Most likely no further events.

2015 Foil Gold Cup Schedule

Interest from current locations, plus France, Israel, Tunesia, Algeria